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...on an iPhone* or iPad* - see Fuel Advisor on the Apple App Store*)

So why get this app?

Essentially, it saves fuel and distance data for a vehicle, calculates fuel usage over time, puts out a history report on screen and can email a spreadsheet file.
Fuel usage is displayed as MPG - miles per gallon, litres per 100 km, miles per litre, km per gallon, miles per imperial gallon, km per litre.
You may enter fuel as litres or gallons and distance as kilometers or miles - and the same 6 calculations above are always made.

Also note, if you travel from one country to another, where distance is listed, say, in kilometres instead of miles and fuel say, is in litres instead of gallons, (and vice versa) well then, you can get the report results from the app consistently in all of kilometres, miles, litres, gallons, MPG, etc. for both countries.

Some more detail: This app can export the data as a spreadsheet attached to an email so that you can do any further calculations you need - such as selection by date, totals, averages, etc.

NOTE: The spreadsheet includes original entry data as well as automatically converted history data, such as dates, gallons, litres, miles, kilometers, MPG, liters per 100 kilometers, kilometers per gallon, miles per liter, etc.

(For further details, see the FAQ page on this web site and visit the Apple App Store* and look for Fuel Advisor)

* Trademark of the Apple Corporation